Thursday, March 22, 2012

Katy Perry | You Can Keep the Diamond Ring (Part of Me)

Oh how much I've been anticipated for the release of this video. Finally "Part of Me" indeed a complete confession of Katy Perry that speaks to most people out there which might have been in the same situation. Represent!

As a fan of her(you know this blog is Katy/Big Bang bias, so don't gave me that look :P), I just couldn't accept it when the haters spitting out by saying that she's being a copycat. Comparing this video teaser(check here) with Lady Gaga-Alejandro and Rihanna-Hard is so not acceptable. Just because she was in some sort of army and that makes her a copycat, duh! Look at how beautiful this video turned out to be. At least, the soldier were not in spandex, fishnet and gosh heel btw. Eat that banana*.

Just so you know, music is awesome. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Madonna yada yada yada...they all awesome. But it only turned ugly when it comes to the fan. So, please for ever once stop this "my Queen is better than your Queen" kind of attitude.

See how close they were at the Grammy. So should we.

I still remember the first time I listened to one of her not-so-hit song, One of the Boys, that turned me a fan. During that time she was so vulnerable and innocent that makes me wanna eat her up. Okay this sounds sarcastic. Love her even more when I watched her performed live in this video. For god sake I cannot remember for how many times that I've been replaying this video all of these years.

4 years ago:
"I know what you know but now you're gonna have to take a number,
It's okay maybe one day but not until I get my diamond ring"

4 years later: 
 "So you can keep the diamond ring,
It don't mean nothing anyway"
Woah, Strong Woman Invasion.

5th MK

*contain some other meaning which is not suitable for public reading. Anyways, you can always imagine it as whatever item/object/subject that you want it to be. There's never a limit to imagination.

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