Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly Playlist: Tick Tock

In Weekly Playlist, we enlisted five selected songs with a common theme, look-alike video or by having the same usage of words or any particular phrases in each video respectively. And by 'selected', I means the songs that I really diggin' into and would definitely recommend you guys to listen to.'s my playlist btw. What d'ya expect?

So, this week it's the time tickin' edition with the following clips...enjoy!

5| Madonna: 4 Minutes (ft Justin Timberlake, Timbaland)

4| Ke$ha: Tik Tok
I might not visually attracted to her but I really like the songs. Who didn't especially when she's staying on the Billboard Chart on #1 spot for weeks.

3| Epik High: One
Back in 2008, when I first started listen to Kpop, this is the kinda songs that I listened to. Good Music!

2| Gwen Stefani: What You Waiting For?

1| U-Kiss: Tick Tack (Japanese Version)
This is the song that I listen to when I'm hitting the gym or jog. The upbeat rhythm really gets my heart pumping faster than usual. Okay, that's a lil' bit exaggerated...pardon me. But yeah, some people may have not yet  to-drool-over this group, but I already am.

5th MK
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