Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sorry Sorry 쏘리쏘리 (R&B Remix Ver.) - Super Junior in HQ

He likes this version much. (Incomparable with the original one). Both sounds good and different yet amusing.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad-Malaysia's biggest lost

A director-known more as Malaysia's true storyteller, Yasmin Ahmad, left us (last Saturday-26th of July) due to stroke and cerebral hemorrhage. Her sudden death was a tragic lost to Malaysia. Her holistic-masterpiece which were all relating to culture and controversial issues in Malaysia were her gifts to us, for us to think and deeply goes into the reason of everything.

Me, I was in a terrible shock after hearing to the news especially when I adore her so much. Leaving us with meaningful ads and films, Yasmin Ahmad is one of a kind.

p/S: Going to miss the time where, every Hari Raya or even Independence Day, Yasmin's ads will be the one which I'm looking for the most.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Emma goes Burberry

The first word that splurge out from my mouth at the moment I saw the pictures of Emma Watson in the new Burberry campaign was OH MY GOD! Honestly~ I didn't expect things would go that better. When celebrities goes fashion with their own line such J.Lo, Hilary Duff, Olsen's twins, etc.... I didn't see any TOP Models shine through. Celebrities are just celebrities. Unlike, Avril Lavigne at the first place. When she appears for Chanel (promoted by Karl Lagerfield), I was blown away. Have seen the pictures? She was damn hot.

This time around Emma Watson was another celebrities which breaks the dormancy. Looking at the pictures, you can tell that, "yeah, she have the Emma Watson's look"..."are you sure it was her?". It is another side of her in a fashion sense. Way far from the school girl appearance which enshrouding over her shoulders. Been a long time Emma's fan, doesn't bias me to tell her that she is a TOP model.

Blog photo
How awesome. Drooling over the look. *Taken from

Blog photo
Really matured Emma. *Taken from

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