Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ouran High School Host Club

Akhirnya......... update gak aku kat blog nie. Lately, aku ada melayan this anime which is called Ouran High School Host Club. It is about a club managed by Tamaki to please womans by designating them (the choosen boys aka The Host). The story took place in a very prestigious and elite school which only "The Son of The Rich" stays in it.

Another thing.......Haruhi, a girl from a commoners family got in it (into the school) because of a scholarship sponsored by the father of Tamaki which was also the Founder's of the Ouran High School.
Ouran Koukou Host Club by kushi_cullen.

The story begins when Haruhi went into a Music Room to find a her own places to study. Lucky/Unluckily, a bunch of Kawaii, hot guys (The Host Club) already got the place and made troubles to Haruhi. In fact, the room is the Host club centre to do their activities. Due to some reason, Haruhi have to repay the boys back by working to them.

After some moment, Tamaki (the Host Club leader) found a very hidden talent in Haruhi to be a part of the club. Instead of working for the Club, Tamaki turned Haruhi to working with the club to pay what she've done before.

Ouran High School Never Ends
So, this is the moment where the story begins. The twist of this story is when the boys found out that Haruhi is actually a girl, and how to keep it as a secret through out the whole story. Sound pretty close like The Hana Kimi right . But, I'm pretty sure this Anime is way different than the Hana Kimi and so the others.

This the Best Anime I've watched so far along with CardCaptor Sakura which like 10 years before. I can say that, Ive laughed a lot through each episode and cried at the same time. This is the Anime not to be missed to those who were a Japanese Freak like me. I really like the ending where how Haruhi trying to denied and confessed at the same time her true hearts to the one that she love. The last minute antagonist was also a damn-work-irritating kind of character. I didn't expected this is how they gonna end the Anime. Argh........ Super Kawaii and extremely Fun.

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Beside that, I've heard some rumours saying that this Anime going to turned itself into a live action. It'll be pretty exciting especially when the expected cast that going to starring in this Live Action was like Maki Horikita (as Haruhi) and other talented star which already made their names in the other Jdorama.

p/s: Really like the OST, Shissou sang by The Last Alliance.
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