Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nobuta Wo Produce

I have just finished watching this, Nobuta Wo Produce (The MakeOver) Jdorama.. Awesomeness. Actually, before posting this post, I have just thinking of posting a review about another Jdorama which I'm fall into full of addiction, that is Proposal Daisakusen (Operation Love). Unfortunately, I haven't finish watching it (that is the special part.... Proposal Daisakusen sp), so I consider that post review might be extended for awhile.

Back to the main topic, Nobuta Wo Produce is another Jdorama that has its own storyline and full of morality value within. I mean like, I have watched a lot of Jdorama (which is likeable) and Nobuta was one of it. I would never felt bored on every episode shows.

Just as the beginning of watching Nobuta, I have sense the not-going-to-stop-from-watching kind of feeling. Which is good. The same feeling of watching Nodame Cantabile, Waterboys 2, and the most Proposal Daisakusen.

On the characters,
Kotani Nabuko (Maki Horikkita)
She played the characters so well. It seem like she already am in the situation of bully's victim and lonely kind of girl. Like her playing that characters and watching her progressing from one episode to the other. Argh......Awesomeness. It seem like she is a cute actress too even though you cannot tell it by watching Maki as Kotani at the first place.

Shūji Kiritani (Kazuya Kamenashi-Kat-tun)

He is one of the unnotice Jpop celebrity to my own personal view. Yet, he also ca act as well as singing. Although he is the main characters in this story, unfortunately I have to go with Maki being the main character. It is mainly because Maki was the one you looking for in the whole drama compared to Kazuya. Hehe.... but yet, Kazuya also plays the character succesfully. It making me felt like wanting to watch him more with another character in the other movies or Drama

Akira Kusano (Yamashita Tomohisa)

Like Yamapi playing the dumb guy. He is good. Wanting to say more about him in the upcoming review.

P/s: Instead of Veoh, could somebody tell me where is the other web that allow me to watch Proposal Daisakusen sp with subtitles (full version). I mean like even google and Youtube didn't have that PDsp with english subtitles. Help!
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