Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hanazakari Kimi No Tachi e (Hana Kimi)

(This post was written on 14th November, Friday)
I’ve just done watching one of the best J-Dorama I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Enthusiast!
Some rough review about this J-Dorama, it was such similar to those that I watched previously since my “High-School” days; that is about High-School Students in a High-School scenario. Such a typical scene that we’ve been served, the same method and that almost the same theme that the director trying to bring across to the audience. I’m not trying to say that it was such a lame and boring ways of delivering it, because it happens to be that it always worked.
maki-horikita-0125-99785 by homa_07.
Just look at Waterboys 2, Proposal DaisakusenNobuta wo Produce, (Operation Love) and they were all similar when it comes to the “some kind of what we called cliché’ High School Phenomena”- The one that I observed from my watching of the J-dorama that are similar to one another :
  1. The main character (85% of all the J-dorama that I watched) was a new student from other schools or country.
  2. The main character (60%) finds it is hard to get along with the new environment. Culture-Shocked.
  3. The one that they oppose the biggest is actually their besto (best friend/lover) at the end of the story (80%).
  4. There was some sort of a status-quo/click among the community (82%).
  5. The Hero was among cool guy that shut a lot. (86%) Exception for PD, Yamapi has the biggest mouth compared to the others.
  6. Undeniable, they (82%) put some scene regarding on special occasion or festive as “where the magic begins”.
  7. The Hero was not so family-oriented person at the beginning. They fought the most with their father rather than their Mom as if the father is a heart-stoned person (74%).
Other than almost negative criticism (of the 7 similarities listed above), all of them were also similar to one another regarding on:
  1. The OST (Of Sound-Track) of the Drama that is too much of awesomeness to handle with. (100% Similar and Proven) Such as Niji Mou Hitotsu No Natsu-Fukuyama Masaharu of Waterboys 2, Yume oi Runner & Ashita Hareru Kana of Proposal Daisakusen, Peach & Ikenai Taiyou of Hana Kimi and others.
  2. The ending (100% true and similar) which make me fall into tears no matter what the ending looks like.
  3. The after-watching symptom, me calling, talking and promoting to others especially Amal-Desu and Rtain about what’ve I watched minutes after the J-Dorama ends. Consider now was a part of it. (100% happened).
Back to the main topic, Hana Kimi was the coolest J-Dorama ever. As what that I’ve mentioned earlier. This story is new on the board, the struggle of a girl, Ashiya Mizuki (by Maki Horikita) trying to heal the past incidence that caught Sano into a gang fight which injured him hoping that he will participate again at the athletics tournament with full of joy. The twist is that how Ashiya Mizuki become an impostor in a sense of she’s pretending to be a boy physically so that she will get closer to Sano in the all-boys school.

This J-dorama is full of laughter especially when it comes to Nakatsu roles as a boy that struggling himself to find his true orientation, his homosexuality.
The spices of the J-Dorama such as Midori 4, The 3 different dorms (Judo, Athletic and theater) indicates the 3 different status-quo, the doctor and the photographer and a lot of competition/celebration/festivals around sure does sweeten things up. I am really enjoyed watching each episode with lots of excitement.
Maki Horikita by PenguinLol.
This is one of the J-Dorama that you should not miss. Watch it and it sure will brighten your days with a glimpse of a smile. I did.

“J-Dorama all the way”

p/s: Looking forward to see other NEW J-Dorama especially the one that starring by Ryu Nishikido of NewS.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Actually, the idea of making another blog, AMUSEMENT, was arose when I felt that my interest and experience should not belong together. Seems like the problem then occur when I seldom updating this blog.

So, here the buzz. I have just watched High School Musical 3 with my friends (Shafiq and Shark) lately. All I can say is that it was such an awesome movie to watch. You might facing a big loss by not watching it especially if you are a big fan of HSM. LOL. By the way, just wanna say that to those who dislike these kind of childish movie you are most welcome to not reading another sentence in this blog as it might make you feel squeamish.

Kenny Ortega, the director really knows how to tackle the audience. The songs, dances and characters were all in the right lane. Although, not to say that the story line was not so reachable above the expectation, but at least the others were all great.

Who can't deny the great choreographer and dancing moves. It was all a goosebumps and enthusiastic especially to hear a new kind of song such as "A Night To Remember" by all the main cast of HSM3. It was sure a show to remember and unforgettable one. Ashley Tisdale and Lucas song, "I Want It All" was sure does a hit. Awesomeness. The Rest was great. Undeniable, this HSM3 was the best pieces of Kenny Ortega compared to the previous one.

"Kids will really like this"

P/s: Really am liking Kelsi(Olesya Rulin) but didn't know much about her and her previous acting career. Those who know about her you are most welcome to reply me in this blog.

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