Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lady Gaga's Miniature

Hey, listen up....mmmh, with your eyes. Something cool for you to check out is the freakiest Lady Gaga's miniature which were made wholly over the Barbie. How freak is that. And so the Barbie were once again the victim of Hollywood's abuse, not long after Katy Perry's Ur So Gay.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jupiter Rising

Something fresh to start with. From this month onwards...I'm going to post my recommendation of an artist that you should know which I think they are just so cool. Regards of fame and glamor, their music is definitely the one that I'm looking for.

Jupiter Rising, is one of the most anticipating electro-pop artist from America which gambles pop, rock, hip-hop, folk, down-tempo, R&B and funk genre. This group comprise from Jessie Payo (which is the lead vocals/songwriting/co-production), and Spencer Nezey (which is the vocals/beatbox/production/songwriting). By the way, they named as it is just to indicate the rise of the biggest thing(planet) in the solar system. (-_-)"

              Jupiter Rising start by kicking-off the industry officially in 2006 where their self-titled album, Jupiter Rising, was debuted with a former lead vocal, 80 Bug, a gospel singer (which is now replaced by Jessie Payo). Frankly speaking, I'm not into this group before even when their hit number's, GO, was a hit. It's a little bit dark for me.

               2007 saw a difference in Jupiter Risng when the album titled Electropop was released.with a new member, Jessie Payo. One of the hit song, electropop gets a massive respond from the fans and me too, think that it was their most successful single so far. I'm actually really looking forward to see this group grows in the future as what they have did so far was awesome. Though they are not that "famous", but I think if their on the right track and more people start to notice them, the new BEP is here.

Catch them up @ Myspace.
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