Monday, April 20, 2009


I’ve seen and read a lot of articles, doubting the credibility of the female reflection of Big Bang, 2NE1. Yeah, I can say that their sense style of fashion and music were almost the same. Especially when 2NE1 try to deal with colors and a touch of hip hop sense in their style. Big Bang was like the trendsetter of their own labels and 2NE1 like the copycat of what they did. Nah, there should be no problems with that.

Fashion is not legally authorized personnel which you have to stick to your own. Copying and modifying sometimes can leads to a better one.

Listening to their latest single, Lollipop, was such an experience. Hehe……. They (both Big Bang and 2ne1) sound good along each other. The song is such an undeniable. Love the disco funky groovy kind of genre with the sense of modernity. Wewh, that is really deep.

My New Addiction

I got Big Bang-Flu recently. It is so hideous to find out that this disease is so critical like you cannot even stop and thinking. As if you know what I mean. Hold up a sec! Yup, a theory of Big Bang is not what I'm trying to say here (as my Amusement's Blog has nothing to do with Theory). Big Bang another music group from Korea has already clinging under my heart. Love the Music.

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It was all begin when I've heard Cingkui's (My besto, Huda) Caller Ringtone. The moment she answered me, I directly asked her, "Where did you get that Caller Ringtone. What Group? Don't tell me it's Super Junior".
"No, its Big Bang"

I was kind of think twice on that moment. I've heard Big Bang's Song before, Gee (The song name). Frankly speaking, it was disastrous just like the other oldies hip hop song. Since then, I had my mindset for Big Bang, "a bunch of Hip Hop Group that was way to far from the Real World definition of music". But as soon as I listen to "LIES" on Cingkui's Caller Ringtone that moment, I was felt. That is the strong point of a song which is hard to find. By just to listen to a part of the song and let it captivates you to listen it until the song ends. One in a Million.

Since then, I keep browsing for Big Bang in the internet. Shockingly-excited to know that they won a lot of Prestigious Award especially for the Best Song of the Year in MNET Music Festival 2007 through Lies. (I know that I was way Far Left Behind, but it is Okay to start somewhere).

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