Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly Playlist: Tick Tock

In Weekly Playlist, we enlisted five selected songs with a common theme, look-alike video or by having the same usage of words or any particular phrases in each video respectively. And by 'selected', I means the songs that I really diggin' into and would definitely recommend you guys to listen to.'s my playlist btw. What d'ya expect?

So, this week it's the time tickin' edition with the following clips...enjoy!

5| Madonna: 4 Minutes (ft Justin Timberlake, Timbaland)

4| Ke$ha: Tik Tok
I might not visually attracted to her but I really like the songs. Who didn't especially when she's staying on the Billboard Chart on #1 spot for weeks.

3| Epik High: One
Back in 2008, when I first started listen to Kpop, this is the kinda songs that I listened to. Good Music!

2| Gwen Stefani: What You Waiting For?

1| U-Kiss: Tick Tack (Japanese Version)
This is the song that I listen to when I'm hitting the gym or jog. The upbeat rhythm really gets my heart pumping faster than usual. Okay, that's a lil' bit exaggerated...pardon me. But yeah, some people may have not yet  to-drool-over this group, but I already am.

5th MK

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Playlist: Good Girl

So, today Imma give you my playlist with a list of songs which have any 'Good Girl' phrase in the lyrics. You can check out my 'Water' playlist edition (click here). So, let the Good Girl please you. Erk, sounds so wrong. Enjoy the playlist!

5| Miss A: Bad Girl Good Girl

4| Carrie Underwood: Good Girl

3| Justin Timberlake: Like I Love You

"You're a good girl and that what makes me trust you"

2| Katy Perry: I Kissed a Girl

"It's not what, good girls do". Yeah, I still can accept to that. Imma guy what d'ya expect*

1| Big Bang: Bad Boy

(See eng sub version, click here)

p/s: Of course, it's Big Bang and Katy Perry. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Katy Perry | You Can Keep the Diamond Ring (Part of Me)

Oh how much I've been anticipated for the release of this video. Finally "Part of Me" indeed a complete confession of Katy Perry that speaks to most people out there which might have been in the same situation. Represent!

As a fan of her(you know this blog is Katy/Big Bang bias, so don't gave me that look :P), I just couldn't accept it when the haters spitting out by saying that she's being a copycat. Comparing this video teaser(check here) with Lady Gaga-Alejandro and Rihanna-Hard is so not acceptable. Just because she was in some sort of army and that makes her a copycat, duh! Look at how beautiful this video turned out to be. At least, the soldier were not in spandex, fishnet and gosh heel btw. Eat that banana*.

Just so you know, music is awesome. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Madonna yada yada yada...they all awesome. But it only turned ugly when it comes to the fan. So, please for ever once stop this "my Queen is better than your Queen" kind of attitude.

See how close they were at the Grammy. So should we.

I still remember the first time I listened to one of her not-so-hit song, One of the Boys, that turned me a fan. During that time she was so vulnerable and innocent that makes me wanna eat her up. Okay this sounds sarcastic. Love her even more when I watched her performed live in this video. For god sake I cannot remember for how many times that I've been replaying this video all of these years.

4 years ago:
"I know what you know but now you're gonna have to take a number,
It's okay maybe one day but not until I get my diamond ring"

4 years later: 
 "So you can keep the diamond ring,
It don't mean nothing anyway"
Woah, Strong Woman Invasion.

5th MK

*contain some other meaning which is not suitable for public reading. Anyways, you can always imagine it as whatever item/object/subject that you want it to be. There's never a limit to imagination.

Youtube Malaysia

I for one have been wondering the entire day why on earth does a KLCC tower been doing on a Youtube homepage icon. So it has been said that Youtube has currently set a localized domain in our effing country Malaysia (which can be accessed by Woot give me a big wave people. In another words, more people would recognized or at least knows what videos that are trending in Malaysia.

Check this video out, people. I'm getting excited watching some Malaysian musician and Kpop stars welcoming Youtube Malaysia. And did you guys hear what CL just said, how she wanna see us soon. I don't know how soon but you better bring it CL!

Jot this down: Would definitely checking out Joe Flizzow's old new songs/music video featured here; and the group by the name Tenderfist. They gave me the best 5 sec first impression through their some-sort-of-techno-song that I've heard just now.

Credit goes to allkpop and youtube/blog for bringing me the updates.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thor meets Bella!

A new twist from Rupert Sanders on a classic fairy-tales, Snow White. I'm totally excited over the moon for this movie to hit the theater. Lined up with big names, Kristen Stewart(Twilight), Charlize Theron(Monster, Aeon Flux) and Chris Hemsworth(Thor); what's not to like about this movie?

[Snow White and the Huntsman]

"Lips red as blood, Hair black as night, Bring me your heart my dear dear Snow White"

A lil' bit less darker than the 'huntsman, Mirror Mirror is another anticipated version of Snow White where you just cannot NOT TO BUY the ticket since, it's Julia Roberts that made it on the screen as the sarcastic evil step-mother.

[Mirror Mirror]

Narrator: "Once upon a time in an enchanted kingdom. There was a beautiful princess with skin as white as snow and hair as black as night..."

Julia Roberts: "bla bla bla, her hair is not black it's raven and she's 18 years old and her skin has never seen the sun. So, ofcourse it's good". XD ROFL

Frankly I couldn't decide which movie should I watch, since I'm telling myself to go for both. We'll see who makes a better Snow White and the evil Step-Mother.

5th MK

Saturday, March 17, 2012

B1A4 | Baby I'm Sorry

Of all Kpop newbies, B1A4 sure did catch my attention when they first debuted with OK-GO. I know right, who didn't. Yet, I don't know why, most Kpop newcomers that were trying to break into the scene nowadays doesn't bring that much impact that I was expecting from them. Instead, most of them looking more like a wannabes and sounded the same. 

I'm sorry I was speaking the honest truth. Still, how much different is B1A4 compared to those other group that I was trying to compare to. Give me a sec...actually, I see no difference but but but...they sure did have 'something' that makes me wanna see and listen more from them and their music.

Let's take one of their hit single "Only Learned Bad Things", as a guy, I can pretty much say that I'm diggin' the song without even have to look at the mv. In other words, their producer really did a good job without even have to stressing much on the looks. Yes, they do have this pretty boy image as one of their marketing strategy but on top of that, their music sounded pretty as well.

Come down to this, it's time that I'm making some review on their latest promotion and music video, 'Baby, I'm Sorry'.

[1| Teaser Image]
Finally, somebody do understand the definition of a teaser image. I see most Kpop like to came up with a teaser image to indicates their comeback. It's a way of telling the fans that "this is the kind of concept we wil be using for our upcoming music video". But I see no resemblance once the video is out. For instance, Super Junior's Bonamana Teaser Image which telling a concept of hype and funky with bright colors and stuff. EMO is how the video ended up to be. Oh, well...but for this teaser image, you can tell they using the same clothes in the video as well. Thumbs up.

[2| Music]
I like the beat, the music sounds awesome as well but I have a feeling like they were trying to mix 2 or 3 songs in one. For instance, Baro rapping in the beginning sounds dark-ish (Outsider kinda) I must say. It was then transited to Sandeul's auto-tuned then BAM it's actually a dancing-party songs. Afterwards, it's getting cute-er at min 1:30 and it was all mixed up towards the end. I wonder what the song is actually about? Depression, after-break-up song or they just wanna throw a party, that's all. Mmmhh..

[3| Music Video]
Since the music and some of the lyrics already confusing me (tho' relying to only the English words for my understanding is not a good idea), I find it even more confusing by watching the video.

Did someone else noticing CNU dramatic scene when he's trying to getting rid of his past memory at 2:34.  He was like taking his moment, almost in tears...and so we get it. But wait, what the heck did Jinyoung singing 'Dancing Party Time, Dancing Party Tonight' with a smile on his face. Is Jinyoung the devil that stir the relationship. Bummer*

So, what is the MV is actually about?
a) Baby, I'm sorry that we cannot be together
b) Baby, I'm sorry I steal your girlfriend -Jinyoung
c) Baby, I'm sorry for party rocking

[4| Dance]
I like their 'leg's floor-sweeping' dance. But I've to point out that their signature dance still rules in this video, the jumping. lol

And so, I end this post.
5th MK

p/s: in the mood of writing, as you can tell.

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