Monday, November 2, 2009

Beyonce postponed concert in Malaysia.

It has been a while I haven't updated or even goes online. This latest updates that I'm attracted to gets into is the latest Beyonce's cancellation (postponed, lets pray the concert didn't need to be cancelled) to make concert in Malaysia. Supposedly, last 25th October, Malaysia will be witnessing for the first time Beyonce performance. Due to some reason. which we know why (I guess...for the same reason), the concert have to be postponed.

That sounds Bad, as I can say this. But on the other part, I may have to bow down and let the concert to be postponed. No, not because I'm agreeing with the fact that it has to be postponed because of this "a lot of protest & banned against it". Just becuse, I got exam lah.

But, I'm pretty sure if the I am concert tour will be on again, I'll be the one to book (and buy lah, of course), the ticket.

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