Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who's your favourite youtube singer/songwriter?

Yeah, I've to admit as recent I've been way too active with Youtube rather than Facebook. Blaming to the fact that Facebook has caused me much dizziness by the so-called upgraded system and interface. So, call me a youtube-freak, I don't care...maybe that'd be a lil' harsh for me, sober, but it's just my kind of way in spending my spare time with things that I love to do. So, I just wanna promote some of the youtube singer which I like so damn much. Ya'll should check them out and subscribe to their channel, seriously.

#1 | Daniela Andrade

This girl is one of my all time favourite youtubers from Canada. Her angelic voice really melts my heart every time she sings. 

#2 | Jake Coco

I was once notice his channel when he posted this video on youtube. TGIF-One of my favorite song. He has done a great job by twisting the funky song into a mellow-sorta tune.

#3 | Mike Tompkins

He's the kinda MysteryGuitarMan for music production. Watch the video, need I say more?

#4 | Najwa Latif

Yeah, not to forget our locals. Hehe...tho' I might have to say that her standards may not reach up to Yuna's level yet. But she's got talent which is raw as a diamond, once it polished, it'll shines brighter than the rest.

As for now, who's your favorite youtube singer/songwriter?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Singing to Yuna's Decorate

Check out my not-so-cool voice singing to Yuna's EP, Decorate. I hope you guys like it as much as I do.

Here's the link:

p/s: Singing accoustic is free and effortless. Just like being single.
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