Friday, August 22, 2008

Shinee_ noonan neomoo yeppeo_replay

Hey there was this one group named Shinee, a Korean boy band or group or what so ever it was being classified as and I am totally into their music recently. Thanks to Rtain because she was the one who introduce me to their song at first (the best part is that through the mobile phone and we were actually chit chatting while hearing to their song). Awesomeness.

Here are some of the "SHINEE"S which I grab from the youtube:

Really am drooling over their song and especially their dancing step. Kawaii...

p/s: ACtually the SMJ Dance school nailed it perfectly. Wishing that I could be apart of them or even dancing like what they did. Oppa, Fighting!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Well, first of all wanna say Taraa as 4 month later after being a blogger I have a will and this confidence to end up with a second blog which I never thought I would.

Why? Maybe because I wanna differentiate my "real life" and my "interest on entertainment" as this two thing plays a major part in my journal life.

So, lets banging with the first or prime story of mine which basically about this web which called Veoh.

Recently, I've got this notebook which was a gift from my father regarding of my NOTHING (as it was not my birthday, I didn't achieve much in the SPM's, Didn't yet know how am I progressing in the Matriculation and I am nothing to be celebrated about). But maybe, the reason why I've got this laptop is because I keep on mumbling and complaining to Mama as I kept on borrowing peoples laptop to do my project work in KMM. So to shut me up, Abah bought me a new laptop so that I could do my own thing without have to annoyed others..

Now I know. Mmmmh........

Back to the main topic, a little history about VEOH.COM. is nothing different like Youtube which you can surf or browse any video that you wanna watch there. But, the BIG difference is that offers you the whole package of Drama or any watchable Show in a maximum duration and you can follow it series by series. Just say any Show or Drama in the world that you wanna watch, is the web to be. (Illegally promoting the web).

Before this, I usually used the Desktop computer to surf the web to watch my addictive Animes (Japan Animation/cartoon) and J-dorama (Japan Drama). It was so cool even like I usually watch it from the night till the dawn. As now I have got this new notebook, I have just thinking of watching my favorite J-dorama which was so addictive called Operation Love (In Japan they called it as Proposal Daisakusen). At the moment I surf the web I was such in a terrible shock as the page stated that:

Veoh is no longer available in Malaysia, and bla bla bla...... there goes The Confession of a Broken Heart in Me, Why?????

It was cold and I cannot imagine how am my life going to be. I remain cool yet un-entertain at the first place.

Later on, I give a tryout on my old desktop computer, hoping that I could at least surf the web.
. . . .
Yatta, atlast I am able to surf the again. The big question mark is that am my Desktop Computer is at another region outside of Malaysia which able me to surf the web or what?

Technology sure is complicated.
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