Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince

I supposed, this is the first time I've watched Harry Potter without reading the book first.

My exact purpose to Mid Valley yesterday was to watch Yasmin's Talentime. From the ads, they saying that in support for the Yasmin Ahmad's "dana", they screening it back. Unfortunately, things doesn't go like what I've planned. Shocked* Maybe I was too late, or maybe the GSC in Mid Valley didn't relate at all with the programs. Either way, I felt depressed. I've always been looking for a time to watch the movie. But due to many unrelated circumstances, I didn't have the chance to do so. Enough of that.

As I was saying, yesterday, after browsing through all the movies that are going to be screen on that day.... including G.I Joe, Transformers(can't believe they still have it), proposal etc... I was surprised, total surprised when Harry Potter already out. I thought it will be later after August, maybe. But this time, it feels like it comes to you and you didn't have to wait. Yesteryears, I've been always be one of the guys who counting days for Harry Potter to come. This time, without notice. Maybe the ads on H.P is less or maybe I've been one who missing almost everything. As if you know what I mean.

On the movie. 3.75 or maybe 4 star instead. I like it a lot. When they labelled it as 13pg (parental guide), you must already expecting something good going to come. More violent, evil, scary...... I can pretty said that I'm satisfied. The storyline from the beginning until the end was all superb. They didn't drag silly stuff from one scene to the other, every scene seem like all related. Get adrenaline rush at certain scene, I spoof uncertainly, which I can say AWESOME. What else, I LIKE IT A LOT. But maybe there are certain scene which seem too loose and hanging. We need to know what happen next, but no, maybe they ask us to look for the answer in the book. Now I know how does it feel to be lost in a movie. The fighting scene seem less astonishing. We need more. Like in H.P and the Order of Phoenix, I think the fighting scene is better especially when Sirius Black death caused me tears. One thing I remember the most when watching H.P and the order of Phoenix...... I kept hugging my bags all the time because everything seem even more scarier.

p/s: really like the inner-deep Draco Malfoy's character which is so dark. You didn't know what will happen. (Unless you read the book, LOL)

Super Junior: since when I like 'em?

Glad that I notice myself, "I'm not a big fan of Suju".

Begin with the most hectic song of the year, Sorry Sorry, I realize that Suju can make it BIG. Talk about Its You, my favourite song from Suju's 3rd album so far aside from Monster & Reset. (Most recommended song to be listen). Well back to the main topic, I am not a big fan of suju. No offense. They are good but not so before.

One of my Bestie recommended Suju to me before the releasing of the 3rd album, and to be honest I had never fall in love with anything that they do. The song, the dance..... it was all mess up & too cute for a guy. I know that a lot of girls out there are drooling on this group (esp when 13 guys do cute stuff together), to me it was all lame. "OK lah for fun".

Yesterday, coincidentally my remote switched onto 708 (8tv), late night show, I saw this PV with this bunch of hideous guys singing not so likeable song to be heard by my ear. (Contoversial statement). I switched back to 713/714 at a glance. Didn't want to ruined my sense of hearing. At that time I didn't know who were the artists. From my first impression, that must be some sort of Japanese. I guess.

Just now, I've opened Youtube. Guess what. After clicking from one video to the other, I've linked to the same song which I've watched last night. But now is different, I am now know who the artist. Gosh...... It was Suju. Sigh* The song itself, it is not that BAD, but it just not right. Glad that I've never like the old Suju. Now, way much better. I am still one of their fan though!

Looking at the PV, it is pretty amusing though.
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